What Visitors to Mary Newman's Cottage Say

Extracts From The Visitors Book


From Devon

Beautiful and Restful 


Very interesting. Thank you for your extra formation and obvious enthusiasm


Lovely cottage and garden. really enjoyed the cakes


GROUP VISIT. Volunteers most helpful.  Lunch was wonderful. The talks and info given were extremely interesting.  We shall all be back again, not only this year but in the future.


All 15 of the Brownies have had a great time, very interested and engaged by everything. Very well explained


From Portugal

Beautiful, thank you


From North England

Very good afternoon , made me feel very welcome.

Beautiful day, beautiful garden, and fantastic café.


From Norfolk

Extremely well restored, Keep up the good work


From Herefordshire

Fantastic display, really knowledgeable guides, really enjoyable for the whole family


From West Sussex

A lovely little gem. This is by 2nd visit and will come again


From Kent

Wonderful, will be back


From Hampshire

Wonderful, a little gem, including garden.  An enthusiastic guided tour.


From Middlesex

Lovely garden, well restored cottage


From London

Marvellous place, your garden is stunning and appreciated the relaxed atmosphere.


From Others

A lovely afternoon, very interesting talk on an Elizabethan House and such a beautiful garden and lovely tea. Well presented informative Stewards

Very interesting had to try on the clothes. This little cottage really gets your imagination going wondering what life was really like all those years ago.  Just lovely