The Environment


The remit of the Tamar Protection Society includes an obligation upon the Society to consider matters relating to the environment and heritage of the valley.  To this end, a Trustee has secured a place at the table of the Port of Plymouth Marine Liaison Commmittee (PPMLC) which acts as an advisory body to the Tamar Estuary Consultative Forum (TECF), which, together with the PPMLC provide an effective framework for the management of the estuary.

The PPMLC meets three times a year and minutes of the meetings may be read here

If you have any issues that you feel would like raised at this committee, please send them here.

Crab Tiling

This activity is reported to be on the increase in several areas of the shoreline and there is some evidence that it has become a commercial activity rather than a few anglers hunting for bait.  Clearly, harvesting shellfish in large quantities can only be detrimental to the ecology of the River as these creatures are relied upon by others as a vital soutce of food.  Please report any noted increase in activity, or new tiling areas to the Environmental Trustee of the Society by email here.  Your details will not be communicated beyond the Statutory Authority responsible for the management of the Estuary.

NEW - The most recent report by Plymouth's Green Infrastructure Officer can be read here.